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Ban Alcohol Self-Checkout

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As supermarkets nationwide have moved toward increased use of self-checkout tills, the ease with which under-aged drinkers can access alcohol greatly increased. A recent study conducted by law students at UCLA’s Community Economic Development Clinic and the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy concluded that retailers or supermarkets with self-service checkouts allow youth to easily purchase or steal alcoholic beverages. Another study conducted by San Diego State's Center for Alcohol and Drug Studies found that 8.4% of participants who looked 23 and younger were able to buy alcohol without producing an ID. This practice can also allow legal-age drinkers who are already inebriated to continue their dangerous behavior.

In response to the overwhelming evidence, Alcohol Justice supports state legislation that requires all alcohol sales to be made through clerk-assisted checkouts.


In California, Assembly Bill 183 was introduced by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco) and has enjoyed strong support in the Assembly and through the Senate G.O. Committee. It will be heard soon in the the California State Senate Committee on Appropriations. Please click the link below to TAKE ACTION and keep this bill moving through the Senate.


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