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If it feels like your eyes are assaulted by beer and liquor ads the minute you step out your front door, there's good reason. As one of the biggest buyers of out-of-home advertising, Big Alcohol increased its spending on advertising by more than $2 billion over the past three years. If you use public transit, or just leave your house to run a few errands, you'll likely see at least one ad for alcohol. What’s more, alcohol marketing tactics have increased in exponentially with the growth of digital media. Alcohol ads are ubiquitous throughout the Internet. Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter offer inexpensive, virtually unregulated promotional platforms to alcohol producers and marketers, along with many opportunities to exploit youth engagement with alcohol brands--endorsing and promoting products to their friends for free. Now imagine the influence these ads are having on our kids. Alcohol ads are not an inevitable part of our landscape; they can and should be restricted.

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