Legislative Activity: Alcopops 2009

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Legislative Activity: Alcopops 2009

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These bills classify alcoholic beverages known as alcopops or flavored malt beverages. Included in this policy are bills that create a new category of alcoholic beverage or explicitly place alcopops in an existing category such as beer or distilled spirits. Bills concerning the taxation of alcopops are also listed in the Tax section.

California 2009-2010 Assembly Bill 1598
SUMMARY: Prohibit the import, production, manufacture, distribution, or sale of caffeinated malt beverages.
SPONSOR(S): Assembly Member Jim Beall (D-San Jose)

Georgia House Bill 353
SUMMARY: Changes certain provisions of the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code to classify "flavored malt beverages” to match the Federal Alcohol & Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau definitions: Under the “51/49 percent standard,” up to 49% of the alcohol in alcopops could be derived from distilled spirits yet the product could still be taxed as beer.
SPONSOR(S): Representatives Roger Williams (R-Dalton); Tom Dickson (R-Cohutta); Sean Jerguson (R-Canton)

Massachusetts 2009-2010 House Bill 79
SUMMARY: Defines Flavored Malt Beverage as "any malt beverages that contain natural flavoring materials containing fruits, flowers, herbs, vegetables, plants or pure juices there from, or containing extracts derived from infusions, percolations, or maceration of such materials, that contain alcohol primarily obtained as the result of fermentation and that derive not more than one-half of one per cent of their overall alcohol content by weight from alcohol added through the use of such flavoring materials."
SPONSOR(S): None listed

Montana Senate Bill 438
SUMMARY: Regulates sale of alcoholic energy drinks. Specifically defines a “caffeinated or stimulant-enhanced malt beverage.” The term is then included as being a type of liquor, and excluded from a type of “beer.”
SPONSOR(S): Senators Carol Juneau (D-Browning), Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (D-Crow Agency), and Representative Shannon Augare (D-Browning)
A victory! Passed both Senate and House (3/16/09). Signed by governor 3/25/2009. Effective date October 1, 2009.

New Jersey 2008-2009 Assembly Bill 2874
SUMMARY: Creates a new category of malt beverages, “Flavored malt beverages.” This category of beverage will be taxed at $4.40 per gallon rather than at the traditional malt beverage rate of $0.12 per gallon.
SPONSOR(S): Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (R-Monmouth)

Vermont House Bill 197
SUMMARY: Specifically defines flavored malt beverages and taxes them at a rate $1.54/gallon (versus 26.5 cents/gallon for malt beverages). Additionally the bill orders the department of liquor control to adopt rules to regulate the promotion, sale, marketing and placement in second class licensed establishments.
Representatives Diane Lanpher (D-Vergennes); William Aswad (D-Burlington); Mollie Burke (P-Brattleboro)*

Washington 2009-2010 House Bill 2804
SUMMARY: Defines and bans the sale of caffeinated or stimulant-enhanced malt beverages.
SPONSOR(S): Representatives Tami Green (D-DuPont), Zachary Hudgins (D-South Seattle), Roger Goodman (D-Carnation)*

*More than 3 sponsors listed

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