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Snapshot: Constellation

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HQ: Victor, New York

Ron Sands
Constellation CEO Rob Sands

2009 Annual Sales: $4.7 billion

Major Brands: Sells or markets more than 100 brands of beer, wine, pirits, and other beverages; Most popular spirit, wine, and beer brands are Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, Widmer, Heritage, Blackstone, Arbor Mist, 3 Bild Moose, SVEDKA Vodka, Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, St. Pauli Girl Lager, Tsingtao Lager, Pacific, and Negra Modelo


  • Operates approximately 50 wineries
  • Crown Imports LLC is a joint venture formed with Grupo Modelo, enabling Constellation Brands to import brands such as Corona and Negro Modelo

Workforce: 6,600 Employees worldwide

CEO Compensation: President and CEO Rob Sands (pictured below) - $4.6 million (salary/awards/other compensation)

Facts and Figures:

  • World’s largest producer of wine, by volume
  • Products are marketed in 150 countries worldwide

Annual Report 2009

Latest Star Offers More of the Same
A global purveyor of beer, wine, and spirits, Constellation Brands (CB) prides itself on its reputation as the world’s largest producer of wine, by volume. With more than 100 brands, including well-known wine labels such as Woodbridge and Blackstone; beer such as St. Pauli Girl and Negra Modelo; and spirits such as SVEDKA Vodka and Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, Constellation Brands can be found in 150 countries worldwide. CB also now finds itself, like many other Big Alcohol companies, to be the target of an FDA probe into the safety of its caffeinated alcohol beverage called Wide Eye.