Legislative Activity: Alcopops 2010

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Legislative Activity: Alcopops 2010

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Bills introduced for the 2010 legislative session. Some states allow for bills to be introduced before the beginning of a session through a procedural mechanism known as pre-filing. Some states give priority or other advantages to prefiled bills. Legislative work on the bills will not occur until the session begins. Also, new bills may also be introduced in states with two-year legislative sessions.

SUMMARY:·Prohibits any product that combines alcohol with caffeine, guarana, taurine, or other similar substances that are commonly referred to as “alcohol energy drinks.”
Sponsor(s): Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago)
New Jersey
Summary: Prohibits the sale of any prepackaged alcoholic beverage that has been supplemented by the manufacturer with caffeine or other stimulant that is metabolized by the body as caffeine.
Sponsor(s): Representative Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen)
Summary: Prohibit the sale of alcoholic energy drinks. An “alcoholic energy drink” is defined as any prepackaged alcoholic beverage that has been intentionally supplemented by the manufacturer with caffeine.
Sponsor(s): Representative Pat Angelini (R-Monmouth)
Assembly Bill 1344 and Assembly Bill 2643 (Last Session Bill Number A2874)
Summary: Creates a “Flavored malt beverages” category and imposes a tax rate of $4.40 per gallon on these beverages. The current tax rate for beer is $0.12 per gallon and liquor is $4.40 per gallon.
Sponsor(s): Assemblymember Mary Pat Angelini (R-Monmouth)
New York
Summary: Excludes any alcoholic beverage that contains caffeine or other stimulants from the definition for “beer” and instead defines all of these beverages as being “liquor.”
Sponsor(s): Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx)
Summary: Makes it a felony for any alcohol retailer or employee to sell an alcoholic beverage containing caffeine or other stimulant to a person under the age of 21.
Sponsor(s): Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx)
Summary: Requires alcoholic beverages containing caffeine or other stimulants to be sold in an area separate from other beverages, including other alcoholic beverages. A sign shall be posted in the area where the alcoholic beverages containing a stimulant are sold stating that the beverages contain alcohol, are not to be consumed by persons under the age of 21, and should not be confused with energy drinks.
Sponsor(s): Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx)
Summary: Prohibits the sale of any “alcoholic energy drink,” defined as any alcoholic beverage to which are added “caffeine or other stimulants [that] are metabolized as caffeine.”
Sponsor(s): Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn)
South Carolina
Summary: Prohibits the sale of alcoholic energy drinks and caffeinated malt beverages. Authorizes the alcohol control board to promulgate rules to effectuate the purpose of the bill.
Sponsor(s): Senator Laurie Funderburk (D-Kershaw County)
Summary: Prohibits the sale of any caffeinated or stimulant-enhanced malt beverage.
Sponsor(s): Senator Joseph Jefferson Jr. (D-Berkeley County)
Summary: Defines caffeinated or stimulant-enhanced malt beverages and requires that the label state the amount of caffeine and alcohol is contained in the product, the name of the person who manufactured the product, and the place where the product was manufactured.
Sponsor(s): Representatives Tami Green (D-DuPont), Zachary Hudgins (D-South Seattle), Roger Goodman (D-Carnation)*
*More than three (3) sponsors