Legislative Activity: Deregulation 2010

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Legislative Activity: Deregulation 2010

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New bills introduced in 2010 that focus on deregulation and/or privatization of state-controlled liquor stores as well as other issues around alcohol deregulation.


United States HR 5034
Summary: Congress declares that states shall continue to have the primary authority to regulate alcoholic beverages. While states cannot discriminate against out-of-state producers without justification, courts are not to limit state regulation due to any inaction by Congress to regulate alcohol at the federal level. Additionally courts are to give state alcohol laws a strong presumption of validity. If a party challenges a state alcohol law under the Commerce Clause or an act of Congress then the burden is on that that party to prove by clear and convincing evidence that the state law is inconsistent with federal law or the US Constitution.
Sponsor(s):  Representative Bill Delahunt (D-MA)*



House Bill 4454
Summary: Repeals the sales tax on alcoholic beverages. The excise tax remains in place.
Sponsor(s): Initiative petition of Frank J. Anzalotti, presented by Representative Jay R. Kaufman (D-Middlesex)

New York

Senate Bill 67003 andAssembly Bill 41003
Summary:Allows for grocery and drug stores to sell wine. Instead of issuing licenses the State Liquor Authority (SLA) will issue medallions that confer the right of a retailer to sell wine and can be resold by the licensed party. The SLA will have authority to oversee the number of medallions issued as well as their auction and resale. The bill also allows for “complimentary” items to be sold in liquor stores, such as non-carbonated beverages and snacks.
Sponsor(s):Introduced at the request of the Governor in both houses by the Committee on Rules.


Senate Bill 6840
Summary: Privatizes the retail and distribution of liquor. Directs the Liquor Control Board and Department of Revenue to recommend methods and rates of liquor taxation that will generate the same future projected revenue as under the current state control system.
Sponsor(s): Senator Rodney Tom (D-Redmond)

House Bill 3189
Summary: Washington currently contracts out part of its retail liquor stores. Requires the Liquor Control Board to convert at least 20 state liquor stores to contract stores and to study whether converting the current system into a complete contract store system would be more efficient and cost-effective.
Sponsor(s): Representatives Gary Alexander (R-Lewis County), Kelli Linville (D-Whatcom County), Bruce Dammeier (R-Tacoma)*

House Bill 2845 and House Bill 2890
Summary: Privatize the retail and distribution of liquor.
Sponsor(s): HB 2845 – Representatives Gary Alexander (R-Olympia), Larry Haler (R-Richland), Jay Rodne (R-North Bend)*
HB 2890 – Representatives Al O’Brien (D-King County/Snohomish County) and Mike Hope (R-Snohomish County)

*More than 3 (three) sponsors