2020 CAPA Virtual Summit: Presenters

Dinora Heredia, A.K.A. Fémina Fatal

FeminaFatal(accent on the e)BA Sociology, Feminist, Rapper

Born off of the Pacific Ocean, Ensenada saw her grow up. She currently lives in the most transited and violent border of Mexico, Tijuana. In 2011 her rap adventure began, knowing hip-hop as a culture that communicates through rhymes, rhythm, dance and art; a tool to express rejection against the system, what is lived as a woman in Mexico, the power of rage and pain through rap, and also the happiness of resistance. Pioneer and creator of local hip-hop movements in Baja California such as:

Circuito Abierto (Open Circuit): Created un 2015, it is still active today and has migrated across cities. It is, “an inclusive space where freestyle (improvisation) is practiced without competition, rather in a circle, one mic, one DJ, and the open creativity and mental exercise of creating unity and consciousness through sharing words instead of recreating psychological violence, misogyny, classism and racism”.

Femmenoise Cypher: created in 2018, a project that is intended to bring visibility to women in the hip-hop scene in Baja California, creating cyphers (videos), articles, interviews, photo sessions, festivals and collaboration among women, creating community among women who navigate life on the border.