2020 CAPA Virtual Summit: Presenters

Carson Benowitz-Fredricks, MSPH

CarsonBenFredResearch Manager, Alcohol Justice

He is esponsible for generating both original research in support of Alcohol Justice/CAPA’s projects and content for the website. He holds a Master’s of Science in Public Health with a health communications emphasis from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a Bachelor's degree in creative writing from the University of California, Santa Barbara. As such, he is comfortable writing both health education materials and poetry but has yet to try to use poetry for health education. Perhaps in 2021. Other interests include harm reduction, the nexus of public health and anticorporate action, crabs and other marine crustaceans, and certain niche hardcore bands.

He has formative experience in community health with the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, and spent four years conducting tobacco control research at UCSF. He moonlights as an overdose prevention trainer with the DOPE Project/Syringe Access Services in San Francisco.