STOP Wiener's SB 905 4am Bar Bill Experiment
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State Senator Scott Wiener's SB 905 - the 4 a.m. Bar Bill - is opposed by a long line of local government, public health, law enforcement, prevention and addiction services professionals.

SB 905 is a poorly constructed, dangerous seven-city, five-year experiment that will make test subjects of 76% of California's population.

Senator Wiener and his allies refuse to acknowledge 40 years of peer-reviewed science that proves extending last call times increases a drinker's overall consumption, adds fatigue to dangerous driving, and causes more alcohol-related harm.

SB 905 will create create 4 a.m. entertainment zones that will send dangerously intoxicated drivers into the surrounding suburbs. The city gets the tax revenue while the outlying communities get to scrub blood off the highway.

Please TAKE ACTION - Tell our elected leaders in Sacramento to OPPOSE SB 905.

California cannot afford the physical, emotional, and financial costs for more alcohol-related violence, emergency room admissions, injuries, alcohol-impaired driving, and motor vehicle crashes.