California Alcohol Policy Alliance

CAPA 1st Annual Summit Report

California Alcohol Policy Alliance

1st Annual Summit

Friday, November 4, 2016 | Los Angles
Break out session notes

What changes would you like to see in ABC licensing that could stem from changes at the state level?

Mandatory RBS training
Required ABC LEAD training for both on/off sale at issuances of license (5)
Restore ABC advisory board to certify RBS trainings (3)

Revisions to licensing criteria
Modify license transfer process (3)
Strictly define/eliminate PCN and not allow licenses in high crime/overconcentrated areas (3)
Mandatory distance from (or no licenses near) schools, daycares, etc (2)
Mandatory signage on harms and how to get help
Make a craft brewery retail license (not just a manufacturing license)
More detailed definitions of license types to decrease morphing
Density caps
Apply all new rules retroactively
Annual (surprise) compliance checks for each license
Incentivize healthy choices/product options
Eliminate preemption

Increase fees and funding
Increase ABC funding to allow for more officers (possibly tie to a per license standard) (5)
Increase licensing fees to offset some of the prevention/harms costs (4)
Remove license fees from ABC funding, should come from General Fund (3)
Prevention tax on alcohol
Increase license fees for beer & wine

Hold ABC to higher standards
Increase transparency (2)
Follow their own rules and guidelines
Public commission that ABC answers to
Former ABC agents should not be allowed to become expeditors; 5 year cooling off period, etc
Increase pay or other incentives to retain ABC staff
No gifts from alcohol companies to ABC, parties, etc

Increase transparency and public engagement
Post conditions online and on site (4)
Dedicate ABC staff to focus on public participation in licensing process, “ABC Community Liaisons” (2)
Streamline public protest process
Increase access to community review process
Increase enforcement; cycle is too long
Increase user friendliness of ABC query system and website
More timely response to request from community for data
Local police and ABC need to work together
PCN to be public process and required attachment for license application
Translate public notices and conditions since English not necessarily accessible to all
Increase public posting time to allow for greater community awareness/input

What other changes are needed statewide to further prevent alcohol-related harms?

Single serves
Single serve ban (4)
Revise definitions of single serve products
Create language for craft brewery and single serve allowance

Charge for harm
Raise excise tax to fund prevention, education, support services (treatment, etc) (4)
Prevention tax
Flat fee per drink
More funding for state/local prevention
More funding/access for treatment centers

Restrict/Ban ads on public/state property (3)
Regulate advertising in other media (2)

Business- or license-related
Accountability for servers/businesses for patrons impaired driving (dram shop laws)
Create a new license type that holds event promoters and limo companies accountable
Extend liability to manufacturers
No alcohol sold at gas stations
Ban certain products from sensitive areas
Limit signage on windows
Standard hours of sale to end at midnight
Prohibit importing of alcohol licenses from other areas

Information and education
(Mandatory) prevention education to start in elementary school (4)
Statewide messaging campaigns to parents to reduce social norms of underage drinking (2)
Update reports/education
Increase positive messaging campaigns (positive consequences of NOT using versus harms of using)
Increase accessibility to alternative activities for youth (subsidized by the Alcohol Industry)
Update real alcohol education to educate consumers on standard servings of each type of drink
Mandatory university curriculum
More recognition for designated drivers and incentives
Broaden definition of “harm”
Ban alcohol industry from creating “prevention” content and messaging

Reduce BAC to .05 (2)
Raise drinking age to 25
Individuals to have own LEAD training before they can apply for alcohol-related job (like cosmetology license)
Decriminalize offenses
State Social Host Ordinance
State parks to be “no drugs or alcohol” zones


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That time of year is back! The 4th Annual CAPA Summit 2019 will be on Thursday, November 7th at the California Endowment in Los Angeles. We hope you will join us again or join us for the first time!


CAPA Third Annual Summit Recap

"Better Together" Recognizes Prevention Heroes, Legislative Victories, and the Many Voices of Public Health

October 11th marked CAPA's third and most ambitious conference. Bringing together current members, future members, and representatives from state regulatory bodies, the summit promoted collaboration in the face of rising alcohol harms. READ MORE

Congratulations especially to our 2018 ALCOHOL PREVENTION HEROES: Los Angeles City Council Member Paul Koretz, Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer, IPS Regional Director Sarah Blanch, and the staff of Pueblo Y Salud. [Not to mention outgoing CAPA organizer Sara Cooley Broschart! --ed.]

California Legislative Positions

california Alcohol-related legislative activity in California, including bills and budget proposals.

CAPA had a 100% success rate on bills in 2018!

California Opioid Legislation

Narcan Kit small California legislation related to opioid treatment, recovery, and prevention.

ABC Connection

2017 February ABC Stakeholders Meeting

CAPA-ABC Quarterly Roundtable, July 2018, Orange County. Nearly fifty CAPA members from Southern California gathered with ABC leadership in Costa Mesa, CA, to discuss the implementation of AB 1221, which passed in 2017. Our Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Expert Working Group presented its findings on best practices and we heard from ABC about its multiyear process to develop the mandatory statewide RBS training. Our next Quarterly Roundtable will be in January 2019 at ABC's headquarters in Sacramento.

CAPA is deeply concerned about the problems with California's Alcohol Beverage Control agency.
The Sacramento Bee: Number of California alcohol cops drops as industry grows


CAPA Summit

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Mission & Platform

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) shall unite diverse organizations and communities in California to protect health and safety, and prevent alcohol-related harm through statewide action.

CAPA is a project of

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Member Organizations

Alcohol Justice
Alcohol-Narcotic Education Foundation
ADAPT- San Ramon
Bay Area Community Resources
Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
CA Council on Alcohol Problems
Center for Human Development
Center for Open Recovery
Eden Youth and Family Center
Institute for Public Strategies
FASD Network of Southern CA
Friday Night Live Partnership
Koreatown Youth and Community Center
L.A. County Friday Night Live
L.A. Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance
Laytonville Healthy Start
Lutheran Office of Public Policy – California
MFI Recovery Center
Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
Partnership for a Positive Pomona
Paso por Paso, Inc.
Project SAFER
Pueblo y Salud
Reach Out
San Marcos Prevention Coalition
San Rafael Alcohol & Drug Coalition
Santee Solutions
SAY San Diego
Saving Lives Drug & Alcohol Coalition
South Orange County Coalition
Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.
The Wall Las Memorias Project
UCEPP Social Model Recovery Systems
Women Against Gun Violence
Youth for Justice

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CAPA By the Numbers

CAPA has been busy this legislative season.  Now that the 2018 legislative year has come to a close, take a look at all the statewide action we've made happen. 
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