Last chance to help us expose Big Alcohol's toxic influence in 2014!

This year, excessive alcohol consumption will cost the U.S. 88,000 lives and $223.5 billion in economic loss. Yet, Big Alcohol companies continue to spend millions lobbying, advertising, and exerting their influence to keep selling ever more product, putting profits over public health and causing ever-increasing harm. Alcohol Justice, the only Industry Watchdog, holds Big Alcohol accountable for this devastating impact. Please consider a year-end donation to Alcohol Justice.

Alcohol Justice worked hard in 2014 against Big Alcohol’s influence. With your support, here's how our efforts paid off:
  • We helped the Coalition to Ban Alcohol Advertising on Public Property in L.A. move forward a sweeping ordinance to ban alcohol ads on city property, including benches, buses, and bus shelters. That's over one million underage youth in L.A. who won't be seeing alcohol ads on their public spaces.
  • We hosted the first annual San Francisco Bay Area Edition of the REEL Recovery Film Festival, featuring three world premieres. More than 1,500 attendees were educated about the disease of addiction and the wonderful recovery resources available.
  • We continued to build a strong base of support for youth prevention in Marin County through Our San Rafael Alcohol and Drug Coalition and Youth for Justice project.
You can help us continue our fight in 2015 with your generous contribution.

Best wishes for a peaceful and safe New Year.

Bruce Lee Livingston
Executive Director/CEO