NYC Campaign to Free Public Transit from Alcohol Ads

February 18, 2015

A new campaign to ban alcohol ads on public transit in New York City (NYC), Building Alcohol-Ad Free Transit (BAAFT), has signed on a bevy of supporting partners, including public health advocates, businesses, and medical, religious, youth, and educational organizations. NYC's Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) current policy specifically allows alcohol ads in trains, buses, shelters, and stations. According to BAAFT, thousands of youth ride MTA buses and trains every day, and 600,000 students receive MetroCards each year.

NYC lags behind other major metropolitan areas, such as Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia, and most recently, Los Angeles, in taking steps to remove alcohol advertising from public transit. Exposure to alcohol advertising is related to earlier and greater alcohol consumption among youth, and public health advocates like Alcohol Justice have long advocated for the removal of alcohol ads on public property.

For more information in the BAAFT campaign, and to sign the petition to remove alcohol advertising from NYC public transit, click here.