CA Alcohol Policy Alliance Launches

January 15, 2016


Have you heard? A new and exciting movement in California is fighting to reduce alcohol harm. The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) unites diverse organizations and communities throughout California to protect health and safety and prevent alcohol-related harm through statewide action.

Some of CAPA's core issues include:

  • Raise the price of alcohol through taxes and fees, supporting the “Charge for Harm” concept that the industry should pay for treatment, prevention and all other costs to government.

  • Limit alcohol advertising in all media, especially on government-controlled property and where children or targeted populations are exposed.

  • Make the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable to public health and safety concerns of the community, and not to cater to industry profits and license expediency, through policies that reduce alcohol outlet density and increase funding for alcohol control,regulation, and enforcement.

  • Eliminate product lines (such as alcopops and malt liquors) oriented to underage youth and vulnerable or targeted populations.

  • Reduce the allowable blood alcohol content for drivers through ".05 Saves Lives."

CAPA advocates for local, state, and national legislative and regulatory alcohol reforms. Join CAPA TODAY!