The Noose Begins to Tighten on US Alcohol Ads.

May 5, 2016

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol consumption accounts for three millions deaths annually. While the cost of alcohol-releated harm continue to rise, alcohol marketing and advertising is also set at an all time high. US reporters are finally shedding light on this important public health issue. The American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse have conducted extensive research on the relationship between brand-specific alcohol advertising and underage alcohol consumptions. The results concluded that underage drinkers were found to be 5 more times likely to consume alcohol brands that were advertised.  

The alcohol industry spends an estimated one million a year on advertising, and a good portion of theseads are placed on public transit. This is a huge public health concern and it is important that our communities take action to keep public transit alcohol ad-free.  This is a global health concern and it demands to be addressed before it causes increased harm. Turkey and Indonesia have set exceptional examples by placing a blanket media ban, and it is important the rest of the world follows suit.