Big Alcohol Funding Produces Deceptive Reports Marginalizing Alcohol-Related Health Problems

May 5, 2016

Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Siegel, Professor at Boston University School of Public Health, revealed some interesting truths behind a recent research review conducted by alcohol industry-funded entitles. The research forum claims that moderate drinking improves health. 

In his blog, Dr. Siegel, discusses the deception of this research and it’s attempt to look “unbiased” to the public. It turns out that five of the research reviewers have a conflict of interest by virtue by either serving on alcohol industry-funded organizations or having received research funding from Big Alcohol brands. it is also important to note that all 14 members who reviewed this research have previously drawn a conclusion in the same direction. Dr. Siegel then poses a critical question, ‘How can we expect a “balanced” review?’ 

CLICK HERE to visit Dr. Siegel’s blog. 
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