AB-InBev Continues Doghouse Streak

June 10, 2016

carlos brito
A-B InBev has landed itself in the Alcohol Justice Doghouse three times in the last two months. First with its craft beer buying binge, then with its dishonorable label tribute to 'America', and now with a shameless marketing campaign insinuating Mexican culture with Estrella Jalisco Beer

The larger this global beer behemoth grows, the less concerned or accountable it becomes for any public health harm its products and disgraceful mass marketing campaigns cause. It is a soul-less, heartless, monster profit-making machine without a shred of consciousness or honest concern for the damage it does. But make no mistake about it, while hiding behind "Drink Responsibly" there are humans running this enterprise, and making a very good living doing so. But their livelihood is predicated upon pushing legal, addictive, destructive, and toxic products. From shareholder, to CEO, from brew master, to deliveryman, they all share responsibility and all deserve a spot in the Doghouse.

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