Good Riddance 2020 – Help Us Prevent Alcohol Harm in 2021

a covid martini, the official drink of 2020Dear Friends,

For many of us, 2020 has probably been the most difficult year of our lives. For many others, it’s also sadly been the final year of life. I am deeply sorry for this loss.

For those fighting for sobriety, it has been difficult to meet online. We see many states loosening up cocktails-to-go, expansion of bars into the sidewalks and streets, and home delivery services failing to do age checks. While alcohol use lowers immunity, Congress is toying with permanent alcohol tax cuts.

I’m proud of our work this year at Alcohol Justice. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reexamine our response to alcohol corporations and wimpy regulation and enforcement. The battles to reduce the many harms from this most dangerous of legal drugs took on new significance. They also took on a new sense of urgency.

As we leave this painful old year behind, join me in supporting the critical work of Alcohol Justice. Please make a gift to help us face the ongoing challenge of reducing the world’s 3rd leading preventable cause of death in 2021.

With gratitude and best wishes for a better year ahead,

brucell mugdonate buttonBruce Lee Livingston, MPP
Executive Director/CEO
Alcohol Justice
San Rafael, California