What People Are Saying About Powdered Alcohol

The following comments are a sampling of responses sent to Federal and State regulators and legislators in response to Alcohol Justice’s Action Alert calling for a ban on powdered alcohol.

"My son died 12 months ago of an overdose of a combination of alcohol and fentanyl.  For over 11 years he struggled with addiction. He began using alcohol before he was 15. A product like Palcohol makes alcohol even more attractive to youth.  There is no need for a product like this. Liquid alcohol is available legally and is extremely accessible. This products only purpose is to make it easier to use alcohol in situations where it should not be used." Mary N

"I am the Community Mobilizer for the Upper Merion Community Alliance for a Safer Tomorrow, a coalition which aims to prevent youth drug abuse.  I am quite concerned about the possibility of a new product, Palcohol, wreaking havoc on our community as well as communities across America." Susan S

"As a substance use prevention specialist and registered nurse I have seen the damage done to our youth by the ingestion of legal and illegal substances.  Manufacturers market substances that appeal to young people by creating items that are targeted on hooking new and younger audiences to their products.  There is no good reason to add powdered alcohol to that list." Patricia M

"Tell a teen not to do/use something and many will do exactly what you warned them about.  Powdered alcohol will entrice young consumers into risky use.  This product should be banned." Patti W

"Alcohol destroys brain cells.  Anyone who thinks powdered alcohol is a good thing has apparently already destroyed their brain cells.  I don't agree with Sen. Schumer very often, but he certainly has this one right."  June B

"The statement below underestimates the dangers. We don't know the health effects of powdered alcohol, but it probably poses a significant fatality risk. The product should be regulated as a drug and not allowed on the market without safety testing in animals, then humans. Test its safety when snorted, swallowed undiluted, or dissolved in a syringe of vodka and injected." Ted M.

"As a parent, grandparent and mental health professional I implore you to support Sen. Schumer's effort to ban this insidiously dangerous product." Judy G

 'Choosing Healthy Living and refusing any form of substance abuse is our message to children, youth and adults. Children follow adult behavior and think it is 'Normal' and 'Acceptable' but Youth dare each other to take risks and can make deadly decisions.  BAN this product and others like them. Our youth do not succeed if drunk or stoned, coughing and disabled with alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and drugs." Jen V

"Every year someone invents something to try and get alcohol into the hands of youth to help build the future regular users of this product.  Powdered alcohol is just wrong. As an adult there is no way I would bother with it so who would want to get their hands on this product - teenagers, that is who.  Please, Please ban this product. It is of no value to society.  Do the right thing and protect our young people." Margaret B

"As a public health practitioner who works in preventing alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse among youth, how many ways can it be said that POWDERED ALCOHOL IS A TERRIBLE IDEA?  THESE PREDATORY INDUSTRIES NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME WITH THEIR CALLOUS DISREGARD FOR THE HEALTH OF OTHERS. Kathleen L

"As a parent I am urging you to prohibit powdered alcohol.  Allowing powdered alcohol is a recipe for underage abuse and fatal poisoning.  Please do the right thing for our kids and our society. Marcie B

"I am the Executive Director of Alcohol Justice and we hope you take our concerns seriously, as well as the concerns of the many constituents writing to you." Bruce L.

"This is an ill-conceived product that lends itself to misuse, especially at the hands of minors. Please disallow this product from distribution." Nancy B

"Under the heading "Bad Ideas" this has to be ranked very high. Please stop this before it is allowed to move into the market. Thank You." Russell L

"Alcohol destroys lives...this latest product is attractive to young people and should be banned." Jacki R

"As a therapist who works with young people, all too often I see the negative effects of alcohol on teens. Let's do all we can to continue to keep them safe. This product would do the opposite." Amanda R

"Yet another alcohol product to target young people! PLEASE support Senator Schumer in his efforts to ban Palcohol!" Jennifer F

"My son died of alcohol poisoning. Please do not let powdered alcohol make it anymore easy for our kids to obtain alcohol." Leslie L

"It's Time To Make the Right Decision to Save the Lives of Our Children." Susan B

"Our young people don't need this product!" Betsy G

"I am totally against legalizing this. Definitely would be harmful to youth and increase wreckless behaviors. Accessed by youth who are under-aged and could possibly encourage them to abuse alcohol and themselves." Karen B

"Please ban this product from the shelves. I work in the alcohol and drug education and prevention field and I know that this will be another nightmare." Karen P

"Thank you for serving our country and for listening to my comments on powdered alcohol.  As a mother and grandmother I feel strongly about this issue." Cheryl C

"As the Executive Director of a residential treatment program for recovering substance abusers, I strongly oppose ANY product that has the potential to do more harm to our fragile youth." Becky Y

"Bad idea...terrible idea! Protect our youth; stop this dangerous alcoholic product now!" Sara H

"Finally we are seeing positive changes in underage drinking amongst youth but that being said, alcohol is the number one drug of choice among teens. This product has the potential to be dangerous for youth and adults." Becky C

"As a chemical dependency treatment provider and parent of a young child, I beg you to ban what is likely to be one of the most damaging products to the next generation." Erika A

"This Country already has an over abundant supply of addiction and dependency. The last thing we need is to add another 'convenient' option to add to the madness!!!" Deborah D

"As a prevention specialist in the Kansas City, MO area, I have been working for 20 years to reduce underage drinking and other drug use.   Youth drinking patterns have significantly surpassed the original concerns with "binge" drinking.   Siphoning large volumes of alcohol in record time has become the norm.   I can't even begin to imagine the horrible consequences that will come with access to powdered alcohol." Vicky W

"PLEASE STOP the insanity of putting profit before the health, safety and lives of those you represent - especially children and teenagers - and our society, as a whole." Lauren M

"As a member of our Drug Free Communities Coalition it is important to me that you ban powdered alcohol." Anne H