U of Iowa President: A-B InBev Sponsorship Deal "A Mistake"

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Back in June, the University of Iowa athletic department decided to renew its multimillion-dollar sponsorship agreement with Anheuser-Busch InBev. The deal allowed the use of the Tigerhawk logo on A-B InBev promotional items, as well as on actual beer cans. The announcement of the renewed sponsorship deal provoked media attention along with public feedback from faculty, students, and community members. The Princeton Review also named U of I the #2 "party school" for 2012. Now the University's president, Sally Mason, has changed her mind, saying in retrospect she probably wouldn't have approved the deal, and that "in this particular case…I made a mistake." Unfortunately, her school's deal with A-B InBev still stands. When another renewal comes up in three years, Mason needs to put the health and safety of U of I and the surrounding community first--and cancel the beer sponsorship deal.