UK Considers Lower Illegal BAC

oktober2 2679159bUK drunk driving deaths increased 17% in the last year prompting consideration of lowering the country's illegal
BAC limit.
It's currently at .08, making the UK the only major European country that has not already lowered the
limit to .05 or less. 
The U.S. is also at .08, however the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a
recommendation earlier this year to reduce the illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) per se limit from .08 to .05
or lower in the U.S. to save lives and prevent injuries. The UK should do the same. That would bring the U.S. and
the UK standards in line with more than 100 nations including Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, South Africa, and Spain. Read more about the UK:  Click TAKE ACTION to lower to .05 in the U.S.