Alcohol Justice eNews: May 20, 2015
December 23, 2015

Alcopops: Sweet, cheap, flavored threats to youth


Alcohol Justice & the San Rafael Alcohol & Drug Coalition recently released a report that traces the transformation of alcopops from their introduction in the 1990s as sweet, bubbly products to today’s dangerous, “binge-in-a-can,” 23-25 ounce, supersized alcopops with 12-14% alcohol content.


CalBoozeBuster App Takes First Prize


The Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) announced today the winners of its statewide Innovation Award Contest. ABC was one of three state agencies participating in the “$25K Find a New Way” contest to discover the best unique ideas for helping the agency more effectively prevent or reduce underage drinking.


 Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money

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A new movement to increase state alcohol taxes is underway in New Mexico. The Alcohol Taxes Save Lives & Money campaign is garnering support for a 25-cent increase in the excise tax per standard drink.


In the Doghouse

Los Angeles youth drowning in unhealthy advertisements's Dennis Hathaway recently wrote an insightful blog post on the vast problems remaining in Los Angeles with outdoor advertising sending unhealthy messages to youth, including ads containing alcohol, tobacco, and guns.


'Tis the Season to Give

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Why are tobacco, alcohol, & processed food industries viewed differently?

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