National Survey Finds Broad Public Support for Alcohol Regulation

CAPSurveyA new bipartisan national poll conducted for the Center for Alcohol Policy recently found that "Americans overwhelmingly agree that alcohol is a unique product that is not like other consumer goods, which is why they believe it needs to be treated differently." Of the 1,010 adult respondents, 72% said that states should regulate alcohol because it is different from other consumer goods, and 78% support the current drinking age of 21 or older. A full 72% believe that the United States should not follow the example of the UK and remove alcohol regulation. To read the full study, click here

Alcohol Ads on Public Property: A Victory & Next Steps in MA

Congratulations to members and supporters of SAFE-MA, and officials from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, as the ban of all alcohol advertising on MBTA property went into effect July 1, 2012! SAFE-MA educated T officials about the dangers of alcohol advertising to youth, and the T listened to their concerns.
There is still work to do and next steps toward a statewide ban on state property.  HB 851 got farther than it had previously, but unfortunately halted in the House Committee on Ways & Means.  Please continue to join SAFE-MA's efforts to limit alcohol advertising exposure to Massachusetts youth.

Take Action: Tell CA Governor Brown to Veto SB 778


In stunning denial of the public health and safety threats of encouraging more alcohol consumption, the California State Legislature has passed SB 778 - a bill to allow sweepstakes and contests promoting alcohol sales in the state. ”We are deeply disturbed by this election year gift to Big Alcohol,” stated Alcohol Justice Public Affairs Director Michael Scippa. “We are calling upon Governor Brown to veto this irresponsible measure because overturning the state’s existing ban on alcohol-related contests will lead to increased over-consumption and increased public health and safety costs.” Click here totake action now: Tell Governor Brown to veto SB 778!