Alcohol Justice eNews: October 15, 2014
October 15, 2014

New Study: Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Prevention-No Alcohol

A new study from the University of Victoria has confirmed the statistical link between moderate alcohol consumption and breast cancer.

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San Rafael, CA Mayor Calls for Reduced Access to Cheap Alcohol

Cheap alcopops

San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips recently asked local liquor stores to stop selling cheap vodka and malt liquor. His request should include alcopops.

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Speculation on Big Beer Mergers Abounds

A-B InBev SABMiller World Monopoly

A megamerger between A-B InBev and SABMiller would negatively impact public health and safety for populations around the globe.

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In the Doghouse

A-B InBev Talks, But No Walk

NFL and Anheuser-Busch

A-B InBev's statement on the NFL's handling of players' domestic violence is a public relations masterpiece, paying lip service while protecting profits.

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