Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
February 28, 2017


     4:00 is the wrong time for California

CA Senate Considering 4 a.m. Closing Times for Bars; CAPA Strongly Opposes



        A DWI checkpoint

Point .05 Arrives? Four States Consider Lowering BAC Limits for DUI



   Bruce BonFleur Seeks to buy out Whiteclay liquor stores

WHITECLAY UPDATE: Street Minister Pushes to Buy Out Liquor Licenses; Hearings Postponement Gives More Chances to Act




In the Doghouse

        A broken Heineken bottle representing their broken promise to the American consumer

Handling Beer with Kid Gloves: Heineken's Shameless Violations Earn a Gentle Tutting



Dennis banks leads the longest walk
Dennis Banks & Longest Walk draw attention to substance abuse, domestic violence in Native American communities

Quitting time is drinking time
AJ says "kudos to Lloyd's" for banning alcohol in the workplace - alcohol has no place there

Alcohol - always not great for you
New findings challenge the health benefits of alcohol, especially in older drinkers

  Stop the 4 a.m. Bar Bill!

VIDEO: Get the truth about SB 384, California's unsafe, unhealthy 4 a.m. bar bill.

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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