Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
January 2018

a liar, a sucker, and some other guy who want to watch the world burn in the name of football.

Sunday, AB InBev Goes for a Two-Point Bad Ad Play - It’s Time for a Bud-Free Super Bowl




     national academy of sciences recommends point 05 BAC

National Academy of Sciences Pushes .05 BAC, Charge for Harm to Prevent Motor Vehicle Deaths



         Boston train wrapped in alcohol ads

Boston Transit Rolls Back Alcohol Ad Ban, Putting Kids at Risk



   Whiteclay liquor stores are closed for good--will not be reopened anytime soon

From Alcopops to Outdoor Ads: AJ Victories Featured in Guide to Community Action Against Big Alcohol




In the Doghouse


alcohol industry funds dodgy research

Boston University Doc Shines a Light on Shady Money in Alcohol Research




drunk girl despondent
4 A.M. Bar Bill reintroudced immediately after defeat; new words, same death toll
TAKE ACTION to stop it



Yukon takes lead in health labeling for alcohol
Lawsuit threats force Canadian province to strip cancer warnings from alcohol bottles

guidance from ca alcoholic beverage contorl
New CA ABC FAQ on selling weed with alcohol (spoiler: don't)

DNA broken by alcohol
"After cigarettes, alcohol is perhaps the most common carcinogen that humans voluntarily expose themselves to."

   watch the sb 905 video

WATCH and SHARE the video exposing the dangers of the new 4 A.M. Bar Bill 

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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