Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
Nov 2018

No free booze for art galleries, no free rides for Big Alcohol, goodbye 2018m, hello 2019

CA Legislative Wrapup: 4 a.m. bill dead, CAPA perfect, but challenges ahead



    The hilarious CAPA 2018 Summit was a rousing success

CAPA 2018 Summit puts advocates, activists face to face with regulators, policymakers



these are not opioid pills but there sure are a lot of them

New faces and new programs as AJ joins the fight against opioid overdose




these are not opioid pills but there sure are a lot of them

AJ's Michael Scippa on why we shouldn't feed each other poison as a holiday gift



In the Doghouse


A mile of kegs, basically

ABC's massive brewpub sting finds up to 70% violate terms of license



Please think about AJ this Giving Tuesday
GIVING TUESDAY: donate today through our Facebook page and your donation will be matched


Please PLEASE think about AJ this Giving Tuesday--pretty please?
WATCH: 3 reasons why TODAY IS THE DAY to join AJ in the fight against
Big Alcohol



Aaron Huey shows the pain and pride of Pine Ridge reservation
Pine Ridge documentarian Aaron Huey gives vivid TEDx Talk on Lakota struggles

law firm fights back against DUI myths, costs itself clients
Powerful infographic from DUI lawyer portrays list of drunk driving myths


CAPA's 2018 efforts in video form

CAPA's 2018 By the Numbers:
A Perfect Year

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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