Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
Feb 2024

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In this issue:
► While the industry was surprisingly quiet during the 2023 Super Bowl, Youth For Justice kids got their own space to make some noise. 
► Alcohol Justice brings in surprising allies to look back at the best and worst in alcohol policy in California and around the world.
► DOGHOUSE: meet "Damp January," the newest industry effort to undermine the "sober curious."
► ...and more.

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On Super Bowl Sunday, Youth For Justice Talks Back and Frees The Bowl


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Alcohol Justice's 2023 Best and Worst of Alcohol Policy...

...In California

...Around the World


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As Budget Fights Threaten to Gut CSU, Can Alcohol Taxes Save Our Schools?


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DOGHOUSE: With "Damp January," Big Alcohol Tries to Put the Freeze on the Sober Curious




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Public health groups on edge over AB InBev's Olympic buy-in (CNN)

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Girls are choosing to drink less... but women may be drinking more
(Washington Post)

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New resources from key allies: 

The Supersized Alcopop Factsheet (U. of North Texas)

State-by-State Alcohol Policy Hotspots (U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance)


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The California 10-Year Review of Alcohol Policy exposes disturbing trends in Sacramento...

Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for the harm its products cause.

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