STOP SB 930: No Late Last Calls in CA, Not Now, Not Ever
The California legislature is once again debating a bill that would extend last call times to 4 a.m.  This bill has met with widespread opposition and failed time after time, but now authors Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) have used legislative tricks to rush it through in the dark of night while the state is still reeling from COVID.

In the past two years, alcohol deaths have soared nationally--a 25% increase from year to year. More than twice as many Californians die from alcohol-related causes as fentanyl overdose, yet legislators are rushing to strip every calming measure under state law. The new 4 a.m. bar bill, slipped through as a gut and amend, joins the effort to turn the health and lives of California residents over to the whims of Big Alcohol.

Because community voies have stopped this bill over and over in past years, this iteration is being rushed through to pass it before your voice can be heard. TAKE ACTION now to tell your legislators: no 4 a.m. bar bill. We've lost too many friends, neighbors, and relatives in the past two years to lose yet more to reckless greed.