In the Doghouse

At Chuck E. Cheese, Wholesome Family Fun means Alcohol

October 22, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese
Chuck E. Cheese has expanded its offerings from sugary drinks, pizza, and arcade games to alcohol. The chain has reported a decline in sales in recent years, and alcohol sales is its response. In offering more alcohol options, it hopes alcoholic drinks will entice Millennial moms to bring their young children to the kiddie restaurant more often, for more than the annual birthday party.

Like several other fast food chains, a number of Chuck E. Cheese locations have started serving beer and wine - the difference? Chuck E. Cheese is perhaps the chain with the strongest connection to the kid market ages 5-12. Of course, the chain says that its model must be approachable for kids.

The risk for alcohol-related harm increases immediately as adults have happy hour while their children run around the arcade. In addition, the children playing and eating at Chuck E. Cheese will see parents drinking inside a beloved children's entertainment brand, and associate that brand with alcohol use.