In the Doghouse

A-B InBev Teams with Jay-Z & Hollywood to Rule Your Entertainment Experience

BudweiserMIAAugust 28, 2012
Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Belgian beer conglomerate, recently announced that it will team with Hollywood heavyweights Jay-Z, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer this fall to produce a film based on the Budweiser "Made in America" concert festival event. Both the festival and the movie will prominently feature Budweiser as its chief sponsor and financial backer. 
Why is A-B InBev so interested in the entertainment industry? According to Budweiser U.S. Marketing VP Paul Chibe, it’s because “the way that Budweiser remains an icon is to be a force in pop culture.“ Therefore, he continues, “things like this are exactly the kinds of things that brands like Budweiser should do.” Apparently, A-B InBev isn’t satisfied with Budweiser as the King of Beers–it wants to expand its rule to the movie world, too. And with their credentials as Academy Award-winning directors and producers, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are just the Hollywood royalty to make it so.
Budweiser’s distinct strategy is to carve its brand so deeply into popular culture that all Americans will automatically consider beer as a normal accompaniment to every enjoyable activity--particularly youth, who love and have disposable income for both concerts and movies. The alcohol industry, led by A-B InBev, has already staked its claim on sports sponsorship, advertising and branding – and with Jay-Z, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer's help is now exponentially expanding its influence into all corners of our lives.