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Call the Assembly TODAY about the 4 A.M. Bar Bill! UPDATE: SB 930 scheduled for vote on 8/24

Get on the Phone Now and Tell the CA Assembly: NO ON SB 930

Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm is More Important Than Increasing Alcohol Sales

At dawn, three adolescents cry near a car wreck as a police officer looks on

SB 930 is scheduled to go up for a vote on WEDNESDAY 8/24 on the floor of the Assembly. It is critical that Assemblymembers hear from you—IN PERSON—ASAP.

Please make a few calls for public health and safety! Tell the Assembly to VOTE NO on any extension of alcohol selling hours, they will only increase profits for businesses while harming more people in early morning commute times in communities surrounding the "pilot project" test cities. Those communities will have no "local control" and no part of the economic benefits that the bars and clubs selling the booze will have, just the costs of cleaning up the messes and burying the dead.

Who do I call?

Call any Assemblymember from the list below. These Assemblymembers have not yet committed to voting NO ON SB 930. Our electeds respond the most strongly to people who take the time to speak with their staff directly.

What do I say?

Be direct and forceful. We suggest the following:

"Hello, my name is [     FULL NAME       ].

I am a resident of [    CITY    ], calling as a concerned citizen to express my opposition to SB 930.

It will increase the harms and costs to the state, and those harms and costs won't stay limited to just the participating cities. I strongly oppose the bill and am urging the member to vote NO.  Thank you."

NOTE: If you are talking to the Assemblymember from the place that you live, make sure they know that. To see who your Assemblymember is, enter your address here.


Arambula, Joaquin                              916-319-2031

Bauer-Kahan, Rebecca                       916-319-2016

Berman, Marc                                     916-319-2024

Boerner Horvath, Tasha                      916-319-2076

Calderon, Lisa                                     916-319-2057

Cervantes, Sabrina                             916-319-2060

Cooley, Ken                                        916-319-2008

Cunningham, Jordan                          916-319-2035

Daly, Tom                                            916-319-2069

Friedman, Laura                                  916-319-2043

Gabriel, Jesse                                     916-319-2045

Gipson, Mike A.                                  916-319-2064

Grayson, Timothy S.                           916-319-2014

Irwin, Jacqui                                       916-319-2044

Levine, Marc                                       916-319-2010

Maienschein, Brian                             916-319-2077

McCarty, Kevin                                   916-319-2007

Mullin, Kevin                                       916-319-2022

Muratsuchi, Al                                     916-319-2066

Nazarian, Adrin                                   916-319-2046

O’Donnell, Patrick                               916-319-2070

Patterson, Jim                                     916-319-2023

Petrie-Norris, Cottie                            916-319-2074

Quirk-Silva, Sharon                             916-319-2065

Ramos, James C.                               916-319-2040

Reyes, Eloise Gómez                          916-319-2047

Rivas, Luz M.                                       916-319-2039

Rodriguez, Freddie                              916-319-2052

Salas, Jr., Rudy                                    916-319-2032

Wood, Jim                                            916-319-2002