Alcohol Justice

Alcohol Justice

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REEL Recovery Film Festival SF Bay Area - Schedule and Tickets Available

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The program and tickets for the REEL Recovery Film Festival San Francisco Bay Area are here! Buy tickets to individual screenings or a festival pass for just $25. Don't miss opening night featuring live music by Reckless in Vegas and a panel discussion called Chasing the Muse - Stone Cold Sober with Jan Wahl, Michael Pritchard, Beverly Allen, Scott Stevens, Jackie Bendzinski, Michael Shapiro and Mario Cipollina.

State Bills Push Access to Stronger Alcohol Products

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Legislation in two states would make buying high-alcohol beer easier than ever. The Tennessee legislature passed a bill that would increase the allowable alcohol volume in beer sold at grocery and convenience stores from 6.3 to 10 percent. Ohio Rep. Dan Ramos's (D-Lorain) proposed bill would allow brewers to sell beer up to 21% ABV, up from the current 12%. Neither bill includes an excise tax increase on high-ABV beers, some of which have higher ABV than wine and some spirits, but will be taxed at a lower rate. Stricter regulation is warranted for products with high alcohol concentration because of their higher potential for excessive consumption and alcohol-related harm. Restrictions on pricing and availability are essential to keep such products, particularly youth-oriented alcopops, out of youth hands.

Read Alcohol Justice's model legislation for regulating size and alcohol content of malt beverages, including alcopops, here.

Global Producer Pernod Ricard Markets Absolut as Local Brand


Taking its cue from Big Beer brands such as Shock Top (Anheuser-Busch InBev) and Blue Moon (MillerCoors) masquerading as craft, Pernod Ricard is trying to cash in on the microdistillery market. The global spirits producer of Absolut vodka has plans to open 11 branch distilleries and market the vodka they produce as local. The new Absolut brand is Our/Vodka, with each specific city name replacing the word vodka - U.S. examples will include Our/Detroit, Our/Seattle, Our/L.A., and Our/New York. The vodka recipe is the same for every city, and will be packaged in a clear glass bottle that looks much like a bottle from a dairy farm. Maybe Pernod Ricard and its trade group DISCUS hope the packaging will help sway legislators to weaken alcohol regulations at local farmers' markets, as we've seen in California recently.

  • REEL Recovery Film Festival SF Bay Area-Schedule and Tickets

  • State Bills Push Access to Stronger Alcohol Products

  • Global Producer Pernod Ricard Markets Absolut as Local Brand