Edinburgh Student Union Bans SABMiller Beers

Students at the University of Edinburgh have banned the sale of SABMiller's 200+ beer brands on campus after learning about the conglomerate's business practices in some of the world's poorest countries.  According to the international advocacy group Action Aid, the world’s second largest brewer (with headquarters in London) has been dodging taxes in Africa for years. By shifting profits made in Africa into tax havens like Switzerland or the Netherlands, SABMiller can avoid paying taxes to the countries where it produces beer--countries that desperately need the revenue for basic public services such as education and healthcare. The University of Edinburgh student body's move to ban SABMiller products sends a strong message to the company. Send your own message here.

Big Alcohol Dominates Alcohol Regulator Meeting


New Article Documents Alcohol Industry's Vested Interests in State Regulation

AddictionCoverIn a peer-reviewed article in the February 2012 issue of Addiction, Sarah Mart, director of research at Alcohol Justice, has documented the alcohol industry’s excessive involvement in the annual National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) that took place in June 2010. More than two-thirds (72%) of the 187 meeting attendees, and 65% of the panelists, were from the alcohol industry. The rest represented state alcohol control systems and federal government agencies. Mart was the only participant representing public health policy. “Big Alcohol panelists sent regulators a warning message: Be industry-friendly. Don’t rock the boat of commerce with public health concerns, or your job may be on the line,” reported Mart. “The Federal officials that were present also spoke about supporting the industry, instead of protecting public safety.” Click here for the press release, and email info [at] request the full article.


Last Call: Industry Giants Threaten U.S. Alcohol Regulation


In the latest issue of the Washington Monthly, journalist Tim Heffernan exposes the relentless push of industry to undo the U.S. alcohol regulatory system and “remake America in the image of booze-soaked Britain.” The feature article, entitled “Last Call,” examines the ways that the industry – led by Big Alcohol's Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, and retail giants like Costco - is steadfastly dedicated to dismantling America’s remaining controls on alcohol sales. According to Heffernan, “if they succeed, America’s alcohol market will begin to look a lot more like England’s: a vertically integrated pipeline for cheap drink, flooding the gutters of our own Gin Lane.” Click here to read the full article.