Youth For Justice
Youth For Justice


Youth organizing to develop prevention strategies in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, CA. Empowering youth to address the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs in their neighborhood.


Jóvenes organizándose para desarrollar estrategias de prevención en el vecindario del Canal, en San Rafael, CA. Ellos trabajan para disminuir los daños causados por el alcohol y otras drogas en su barrio.

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Alcopops are heavily flavored, heavily sugared, often high-ABV alcoholic beverages. They are among the most popular first drink for many youth. The Alcopop-Free Zone project used youth representatives to engage the San Rafael Canal community, educate retailers, and get alcopops off of store shelves.

]Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder includes bupernorphine among other medications. It offers the best opportunity for people who use opioids to live long, healthy lives, but only if they have access to it. Geographic, economic, and language barriers further complicate individuals' efforts to obtain this life-saving treatment. The MAT Access Project/Proyecto Latino TAM works to educate the Latinx community of Marin on the dangers of opioids, and promote culturally competent MAT services for those who needs it.


Within liquor, grocery, and drug stores, good retail practices can not only make it harder for youth to obtain alcohol, but make youth less interested in drinking. Youth Action for Safe Stores (YASS) develops youth leaders who can evaluate stores' retail practices, engage with business owners, and promote best retail practices throughout San Rafael.


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YFJ Summer Academy 2020

YFJ logoThe 7th Annual Youth For Justice Summer Academy concluded in August 2020. Because of the hazards posted by CoVID-19 and the specific risk of spread in vulnerable communities, the academy was conducted remotely via Google Meets. Nonetheless, the youth were active, enthusiastic participants, and YFJ is excited to meet the next wave of community leaders.

Read the 2020 YFJ Academy Wrapup.


Don Carney, Director, Marin Youth Court
SRADC President

Nick Moorhatch, Producer, Comcast Cable Access
SRADC Vice President

Adolfo Aguilar, member, Youth For Justice

Marcianna Nosek
, PhD, MPH, MS, Associate Professor, University of San Francisco.
Larry Merideth, PhD, Director, Marin Health and Human Services

Michael Watenpaugh
, EdD, Superindent, San Rafael City Schools

Kevin Lynch, Director of Juvenile Services Division, County of Marin Probation Department

Elia Manzo, leader, Consejo Restaurativo

Wilibaldo Pulido, owner, La Plaza Market.

Douglas Mundo, Executive Director, Canal Welcome Center.

Mary Joe Williams, CAO, Bay Area Community Resources

Sam Alexander, Pastro, First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael

Eric Bejarano, student, Sonoma State University



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