Alcohol Justice eNews: May 20, 2015
November 12, 2015

Major findings released re: costs of alcohol harm, advertising impact


Two major reports from alcohol policy researchers shine a light on the burden from drinking on citizen and government checkbooks, as well as the strong associations between brand advertising and the alcohol brands that underage youth drink.


Nebraska ABC seeks bill for alcohol impact areas including Whiteclay

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Each year nearly 4 million cans of beer are sold in Whiteclay, Nebraska, an unincorporated village with 14 residents and four stores that sell alcohol. Whiteclay is barely 400 yards away from the edge of Pine Ridge Reservation. Well-known for selling alcohol to Pine Ridge residents plagued by alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, violent crime, and premature death, Whiteclay is again the focus of Nebraska authorities.


Bigger Big Beer

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During the recent special session of the California Legislature dedicated to healthcare funding, Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D-Concord) introduced Assembly Bill X2-18, a bill to levy a 5-cent tax increase on distilled spirits sold at bars and restaurants. The bill was announced as a strategic approach to fund disabilities services. Proponents call it the "Cocktails for Healthy Outcomes Act."


In the Doghouse

Flavored? Glow-in-the-dark? A-B InBev.

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In a desperate attempt to gain back young drinkers with tricks children enjoy, A-B InBev is going to dangerous lengths. A-B InBev hopes that its release of Oculto, a new tequila-infused citrus-flavored beer, will lure Millennials back to the A-B InBev stable and brands such as Bud Light.


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