Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
January 27, 2017

   Beer trucks and liquor stores in Whiteclay Nebraska

WHITECLAY UPDATE: Hearings Expose Damage From Liquor Sales, but County Commissioners Unwilling to Step Up




        California, tax this beer now

Raising the CA Beer Tax Means Healthy Budget and Healthy Communities




     The winter Olympics that budweiser is no longer in

A-B InBev Withdraws Sponsorship from U.S. Olympic Team; AJ Urges Them to Sack the Super Bowl Next



In the Doghouse

        Selling gluten free vodka is deceitful, there is never supposed to be gluten in vodka

Devotion Vodka Peddles "Healthy" Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Poison



Utah highway patrol may have slightly more exciting lives soon
Kudos to Utah: state could be first to embrace .05 Saves Lives - other states should follow

A young woman is ambivalent about wine
Alcohol companies target women, normalizing dangerous levels of drinking

Alcohol Justice in the news!  We're famous!
Alcohol Justice in the news:
1) CAPA opposes alcohol in salons and barber shops 
2) CAPA and AJ condemn UC Davis's wine sales 

  Olowan Martinez declares the era of the bent over drunk Indian over

VIDEO: Olowan Martinez declares "The era of the bent over, drunk Indian is over."

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