Alcohol Justice eNews: November 23, 2016
May 2017

    Nebraska Liquor Control Commission hearings on Whiteclay liquor stores

Pandora's Six-Pack: Victory Turns to Uncertainty as Liquor Control Commission Decision to Shut Down Whiteclay Liquor Stores Is Challenged in Courts



        Craft Beer Modernization Act Rewards the Biggest Little Huge Breweries

Proposed Federal Giveaway to Massive Breweries Makes a Mockery of the Term "Craft"



   SB 384 stalls in CA legislature, now it's time to dump it at the wrecking yard

4 A.M. Last Call Bill Dealt a Setback; Opponents Rally to Put It to Bed For Good




In the Doghouse

        The EtOHAL-9000 alcohol service robot is every kid's best friend

Connecticut House OK's Alcohol Vending Machines, Surrendering a Fight Against Youth Access It Had Already Won



Aussie drinkers drinking for mama Oz
How Australia did or didn't push back on alcohol sponsorships in sports

The soon-to-be-endangered cheap Scottish booze
Parliament: if Scotland passes minimum unit pricing, the whole UK should follow

Maui activists show that aloha spirit sans spirits
Maui Activists rally against 24-hour alcohol sales

  Stop the 4 a.m. Bar Bill!

Boston mulls putting booze ads back on buses

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