California Alcohol Policy Alliance

Mission, Platform & Principles

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) shall unite diverse organizations and communities in California to protect health and safety, and prevent alcohol-related harm through statewide action.

These are the core issues we now unite on, and others shall be developed. All issues will become specific advocacy and policy change action items.

  • Raise the price of alcohol through taxes and fees, supporting the “Charge for Harm” concept that the industry should pay for treatment, prevention and all other costs to government.
  • Limit alcohol advertising in all media, especially on government-controlled property and where children or targeted populations are exposed.
  • Make the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable to public health and safety concerns of the community, and not to cater to industry profits and license expediency, through policies that reduce alcohol outlet density and increase funding for alcohol control,regulation, and enforcement.
  • Eliminate product lines (such as alcopops and malt liquors) oriented to underage youth and vulnerable or targeted populations.
  • Reduce the allowable blood alcohol content for drivers as “Point .05 Saves Lives”.
  • Improve labelling and out-of-home advertising of all alcohol products to ensure a) no marketing to youth, b) no indications of unsubstantiated health claims, c) display of alcohol content by volume and precentage, and d) display of harms.
  • Support racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and health justice in all advocacy; seek cultural competency and diversity in our engagement of volunteers, membership, and collaborating organizations; reduce disparities of alcohol harms, eliminate bias in enforcement of alcohol laws, and end inequities in access to alcohol dependence treatment, recovery and care services.
Operating Principles
We shall form an ongoing, statewide alliance in support of a preventive alcohol policy agenda for the State of California. This is an organization-based alliance, but individuals will be encouraged to volunteer.

  • CAPA will lobby and take positions on legislation and regulatory reform as part of it’s work, including both direct lobbying and grassroots lobbying. However, a CAPA position does not require any organization to support that legislation or to lobby. CAPA, along with it’s coalition partners, will develop and support legislation based on the platform each year and each session. Regressive alcohol legislation and state policies will be opposed.
  • We shall maintain unity around our core principles of alcohol prevention and recovery, and reflect our respect for the diversity of communities, languages and voices at the state and local levels.
  • While Alcohol Justice will be the fiscal sponsor and initial organizing staff, we also recognize and encourage broad capacity building of organizations and agencies.
  • We shall organize city, county and state efforts for true power to the people. Neighborhoods and youth voices are needed to confront the combined power of the alcohol industry, which is led by global alcohol corporations,wholesalers, retailers and their advertising firms.
  • Issue Action Committees will be created to guide our policies, goals and campaigns.


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On behalf of the California Alcohol Policy Alliance, we thank you for attending our
6th Annual Summit: Reclaiming Our Power
Friday, December 10th 

Every year, we convene members and partners from across the state to celebrate policy advocacy successes and engage in dialogues to advance our work in the coming year. Our discussions this year centered around how to reclaim our power from modern capitalism.

Conference Recap

View Presentations
   • How 21st Century Capitalism Shapes Public Health and Health Equity: Implications for Alcohol Justice
   • Transformational Resistance: Youth as Researchers and Leaders for Change

Recording Coming Soon in English & Spanish

Meet the Speakers

The 2021 CAPA Virtual Summit is over—here are some of the voices for justice and equity making themselves heard.

Speakers from Friday, December 10th:

CAPA Annual Summit Recaps

CAPA Annual Summit Celebrates Solidarity and Health

Every fall, the California Alcohol Policy Alliance has brought together public health and safety groups from across the state to discuss, analyze, and plan for the challenges in the year ahead. Despite the David-and-Goliath nature of communities fighting Big Alcohol, these Summits have brought capacity building, scientific education, inspiration, and joy to attendees. Recaps are archived below.

2019 CAPA Summit: Building a Movement

California Legislative Positions

california Alcohol-related legislative activity in California, including bills and budget proposals.

California Opioid Legislation

Narcan Kit small California legislation related to opioid treatment, recovery, and prevention.

Mission & Platform

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) shall unite diverse organizations and communities in California to protect health and safety, and prevent alcohol-related harm through statewide action.

CAPA is a project of

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Member Organizations

Alcohol Justice
Alcohol-Narcotic Education Foundation
ADAPT- San Ramon
Bay Area Community Resources
Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
CA Council on Alcohol Problems
Center for Human Development
Center for Open Recovery
Eden Youth and Family Center
Institute for Public Strategies
FASD Network of Southern CA
Friday Night Live Partnership
Koreatown Youth and Community Center
L.A. County Friday Night Live
L.A. Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance
Laytonville Healthy Start
Lutheran Office of Public Policy – California
MFI Recovery Center
Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
Partnership for a Positive Pomona
Paso por Paso, Inc.
Project SAFER
Pueblo y Salud
Reach Out
San Marcos Prevention Coalition
San Rafael Alcohol & Drug Coalition
Santee Solutions
SAY San Diego
Saving Lives Drug & Alcohol Coalition
South Orange County Coalition
Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.
The Wall Las Memorias Project
UCEPP Social Model Recovery Systems
Women Against Gun Violence
Youth for Justice

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