Stories of Alcohol Justice - 2019

Dear Friend,
  • We led a successful campaign against another California 4 a.m. bar bill (SB 58) that turned into a 3 a.m. bar bill before it was decisively defeated on the Assembly floor
  • We launched a powerful "one-click" advocacy tool which provided a dynamic new channel for our constituents to send over three thousand messages to California legislators and Governor Newsom
  • We supported membership and active participation in the California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) and the Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Alliance (L.A.DAPA) which played a key role in stopping SB 58
  • We published The High Cost of the 4 A.M. Bar Bill: a first of its kind, cost-benefit analysis of extended alcohol trading hours
  • We celebrated the growth of our Youth For Justice program as it completed its ninth year of providing youth leadership training for young people and their parents who reside in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael

While encouraged by these achievements, we have got to be prepared for the challenges of 2020. We already know we will respond to a new California 3 a.m. bar bill. We also need to support state bills in California and beyond to lower the legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to .05 from .08 because .05 Saves Lives! We will also counter Big Alcohol's bogus health claims for its latest youth-attractive alcopop - hard seltzer.

Being prepared for these challenges requires your help. A 2019 end-of-the-year, tax-deductible gift makes you a member of Alcohol Justice. It also makes our grass-roots advocacy for public health and safety stronger. When you become a member of Alcohol Justice you will be supporting all of our efforts in 2020 to turn back the tide of Big Alcohol's negative influence in our communities.

Please take this opportunity to join us today and be part of next year's stories of Alcohol Justice.

Thank You & Happy Holidays!

Bruce Lee Livingston
Executive Director /CEO
Alcohol Justice