Alcohol Action Network Receives National Recognition

A tall beareded caucasian professor receives a plaque from a shorter, bearded caucasian professor, standing in front of beige conference room walls, which belies the fact that this is in all earnestness an exciting moment for everyone in the roomThe quietest people at the table would like to become the loudest ones in the legislative chamber.
In 2020, researchers and alcohol control professionals led by Dr. Sean Haley of the City University of New York, and Cassandra Toure of the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association formed the Alcohol Action Network (AAN). Run from within the American Public Health Association, AAN was dedicated to the proposition that, when it comes to alcohol, the most competent public health researchers and advocates are often at a loss when it comes to policy change. Through capacity building, skill sharing, and mutual support, the network has brought in over 200 members covering every state and the District of Columbia.

As its members become more deeply entrenched in the lasting harms and avalanche of deregulation that gathered during the pandemic, AAN's leaders have filled an ever more crucial place in the prevention landscape. In recognition of this, and their tireless efforts to coordinate academics and wonks to move out of their comfort zones, Dr. Haley and Ms. Tourre were deservedly formally recognized by APHA section leader Dr. Paul Gilbert.

The leadership awards were given to them at the American Public Health Association's annual conference, the flagship public health gathering in United States. The conference drew over 13,000 attendees. And while the ceremony was only in front of the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs section, the audience contained advocates and scientists working across addiction medicine fields, because while alcohol harm mitigation remains AAN's explicit challenge, models that ensure that lifelong advocates are able to advance evidence-based, compassionate policy benefit everyone in the field.

Alcohol Justice and the California Alcohol Policy Alliance are proud participants in the Alcohol Action Network, and extend sincere congratulations and gratitude to Dr. Haley and Ms. Tourre.

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