California Powdered Alcohol Bills Update

June 10, 2016

Phillips SB819 AssmbGO
Disappointed Palcohol promoter Mark Phillips was sent packing back to Arizona after a chilly Capitol reception in Sacramento on Wednesday June 8, 2016. He provided the lone voice of opposition at the Assembly GO Committee hearing on SB 819 (Huff, R-Diamond Bar), to ban powdered alcohol in California. The committee unanimously passed the bill, but not before Phillips was admonished by members for being in denial of the fact that his product was dangerous and youth-attractive. According to Phillips, everyone in the hearing room, as well as all the legislators in the 32 other states that have already banned the product were ill advised and wrong.

SB 819 has one more Assembly committee vote and a floor vote before being sent to governor for his signature. The bill has already passed through the Senate with absolutely no opposition.

AB 1554, a companion measure in the Assembly authored by Assemblymember Jacquie Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) has passed through the Assembly without opposition and will be heard in the Senate GO Committee Tuesday (6/14). Both SB 819 and AB 1554 are supported by an impressive group of public health and safety advocates from across the state.