Utah Rep. Draxler's Beer Tax Inflation Bill to Fund Prevention Programs

Utah Beer Tax Erosion

The value of Utah's state beer excise tax has
eroded 24% since it was last raised in 2003.

Utah Rep. Jack Draxler (R-North Logan) has proposed to index the state's wholesale beer tax to inflation, using the additional revenue to fund programs to prevent underage and binge drinking. Utah's beer excise tax was last raised in 2003, and its real value has fallen 24% since then. Under Draxler's proposal, the average beer drinker in Utah would pay less than $0.30 more per year, but the tax adjustment would net an additional $530,000 to pay for prevention programs.

The bill needs the support of the Health and Human Services Interim Committee on October 16 in order to move forward.To view a list of representatives on the committee and send a letter of support, click here.