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Attorneys Tell Pabst to Dump “Binge in a Can” Blast

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Attorneys Tell Pabst to Dump “Binge in a Can” Blast

Marin Institute Says Don’t Forget Four Loko, Joose, and Tilt

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (APRIL 21, 2011) – Alcohol industry watchdog Marin Institute applauded 17 state attorneys general and San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera for their quick action to stop the latest supersized alcopop - Blast by Colt 45.

"State law-enforcers heard the national outcry," said Bruce Lee Livingston, executive director of Marin Institute. “Supersized alcopop Blast is too big, too potent and marketed to youth.”

The sickly sweet, 12% alcohol fruity-flavored beverage is sold in 23.5 oz. cans, which the attorneys general deemed “impossible to drink responsibly.” Marin Institute had mounted a petition campaign before the product’s official release on April 5, targeting the Metropoulos family - new owners of Colt 45 parent Pabst Brewing Company. Activists drew public attention to the dangerous brew and its exploitative viral marketing to young fans of hip-hop/rap star Snoop Dogg, the spokesperson and public face of the new product.

Minister Paul Scott, of Durham, NC-based Messianic Afrikan Ministry said, “We must stop these corporations from using the beautiful art of Hip Hop to destroy young minds. Music should instead be used to strengthen them.”

Marin Institute helped lead the recent drive to ban the mixing of caffeine and alcohol in products such as Four Loko and Joose. However the brands were quickly back on the market, supersized, minus the caffeine, and soon to be joined by newcomer Blast. Youth-friendly alcoholic products like these are cheap, powerful and dangerous. They fuel binge-drinking, which can result in tragic outcomes such as violent crime, car crashes and high-risk sex, to name just a few. Marin Institute has drafted model legislation to limit the size and alcohol content of these dangerous products.

Unfortunately a number of flavored malt beverage alcopops are supersized,” explained Livingston. “We are hopeful that other attorneys general join this action against Blast, and also include similar dangerous products like Four Loko, Joose, and Tilt.”

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