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Defend the Science Behind the Federal Drinking Guidelines

How do you measure your drinks per day?

Government researchers want to lower recommended drinking levels—and Big Alcohol is mad.
We need you to comment in support of these new alcohol consumption guidelines.


The USDA and Department of Health and Human Services just released its 2020 Dietary Guidelines, which lowers the recommended number of drinks of alcohol per day for men from two to one. Over the course of a year, this would be 61 fewer six-packs per person.

At a time when nearly 100,000 United States residents—a majority of whom are male—die from alcohol-related causes yearly, reductions like this promise to stem the tide and save lives.

The only thing standing in their way? Big Alcohol. The public comment period for these guidelines closes on August 13, 2020, and Alcohol Justice has already received word that the alcohol lobby is trying to get them overturned. We need to make sure to shout them down with voices calling for public health, public safety, and people over profits.

TAKE ACTION: 1) Click here to use our template -- copy and paste the text onto your own letterhead or draft your own --
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The deadline for comments is August 13, 2020.

This is a simple change that is long-time coming. Let us work together to make it happen!