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STOP Wiener & Haney's SB 76 - "Entertainment Zones" are not healthy for San Francisco!

a very drunk woman in a red dress stands on bourbon st. in new orleans sipping a drink and looking belligerentSB 76 is terrible public policy for San Francisco.

There are no safety guardrails in this bill

This bill creates conditions of total unaccountability for licensees

This bill incentivizes a “pump and chug” form of service that is unsafe

There is no inherent accountability in this bill to residents of the areas declared “entertainment zones”
The circumstances within these entertainment zones all but guarantee youth access to alcohol
The experience of this in San Francisco is checkered with concerning incidents of violence

SB 76 is designed to help businesses by ignoring the public health and safety issues we already face--and ignoring the most tragic events of Gavin Newsom's term as Mayor of San Francisco.

Every year thousands of California lives are cut short or forever damaged due to alcohol, the human toll and the economic costs are truly staggering.

According to the CA Dept. of Public Health there has been a 140% increase in alcohol-related deaths over the past 5 years. The increase is seen across all causes, including accident-related motor vehicle crashes, chronic conditions such as liver disease and cancers, and poisonings.

The CDC tells us that alcohol-related harms cost the state $14.47 billion annually.

SB 76 can only make these horrible statistics worse. Helping businesses that stay profitable by selling alcohol subsidizes and promotes the businesses and all the harm that follows at the expense of public health and safety.

TAKE ACTION TODAY, join Alcohol Justice and the California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA), TELL GOVERNOR NEWSOM to VETO SB 76, learn from the past, and focus on reducing current levels of alcohol-related harm in California instead of repeating the same tragedies from 20 years ago.