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TAKE ACTION Against the 4 A.M. Bar Bill's Harm to the LGBTQ+ Community

LGBTQ advocates stand against SB 58, the 4 a.m. bar bill of 2019

Research shows that extending last call times is associated with increases in violence, injury, assault, intoxicated driving, and stress on emergency services.

Restricted bar closing hours have been endorsed by the World Health Organization, United States Surgeon General, and CDC among many other U.S. and international public health authorities. If these recommendations are ignored, LGBTQ+ Californians will see the worst of it.

Community leaders such as Sen. Wiener need to envision a growing and vibrant LGBTQ+ culture that does not hinge on increasing the amount of alcohol people drink.

The LGBTQ+ Caucus of California Alcohol Policy Alliance rejects SB 58.

We urge you to TAKE ACTION and tell CA Assembly Leaders and Governor Newsom not to serve up money to the alcohol industry over the bodies of LGBTQ+ Californians.

California needs more positive spaces for its LGBTQ+ residents—spaces that promote acceptance, solidarity, and health. Bars open until 4 a.m. in party zones of 10 different cities are not the answer. That sort of money-chasing leaves the LGBTQ+ community to bear a disproportionate share of the harm.

4 A.M. Last Call Will Harm LGBTQ+ Community

Stop 2019's NEW 4 A.M. Bar Bill

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  • SB 58 is the 3rd attempt by Senator Wiener to impose a dangerous ten-city, five-year experiment that will make test subjects of 76% of California's population.
  • Extending last call times increases a drinker's overall consumption, adds fatigue to dangerous driving, and lets cities avoid responsibility.
  • SB 58 will create 4 a.m. entertainment zones that will send dangerously intoxicated drivers into the surrounding suburbs.
  • Under SB 58 locol control is a myth, the city gets the tax revenue while the outlying communities get to scrub blood off the highway.
  • Please OPPOSE SB 58.
  • Will produce a billion dollars in new harm in Los Angeles alone over the 5-year pilot program experiment
  • California cannot afford the physical, emotional, or financial costs for more alcohol-related violence, emergency room admissions, injuries, alcohol-impaired driving, and motor vehicle crashes.


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Allowing Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistricts (ARUS) will give Los Angeles neighborhoods the option and the power to limit new alcohol retailers in their community. But time is running out to keep ARUS moving forward. 

ARUS deserves a fair hearing in the Planning and Land Use Management Committee before January 30, 2019.

Tell Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson to SUPPORT Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistricts (ARUS) to protect our communities from the negative effects of alcohol, please place it on the agenda.